While we are thinking about our lovable things, we always full of an idea. For me, my days full of something i wanna do, and today i capture my heart that i want to make an illustration. i know always i want to draw what i love. So here is the brief of my drawing starter.

Actually i am addicted with coffee and bread. One day without them both, i feel like there is an empty sheet or i forget to go to the toilet. And when i start drawing my coffee latte, i starve with some cuteness think than i remember about the bear, and i like it to say my bread time as bear bread. it’s make my tongue dancing when i say “bear bread”. 

so here it is my first illustration about something i like.

A glass of coffee latte with bear bread and reading a book. That is a perfect relax time for me time.

What about you?

To express something you love in art (drawing, dancing, singing, etc) is the perfect way out from stress, you will feeling grateful when you still have something to love and something to do, and more over if it make yourself think that you are special.

coffee latte, bread, and a book, the perfect me time essentials.
coffee latte, bread, and a book, the perfect me time essentials.

Sunny Time

Food Photography

Sunny side-up!! Ding ding!!!

Filling my holiday time with this cooking experiment. I am not a good cooker but i love eat bread and sandwich so… for this hungry tummy, i make this whole grain bread, with my perfectly sunny side-up and smoked beef plus the green living lettuce (*i think   it’s the name of the veggie i used ) than DING, happy tummy meal time and cheer up my soul with the photo session.. TUMMY and SOUL have a good time!

Sandwich-tuna sandwich-tuna-2